Eyewear buy Direct

How come buying glasses online will save a lot?

Buying a pair of glases at local store will cost you hundred dollars, if you buy them at online glasses store, the eye glasses are only about 70 dollars, the prescription glasses have the same quality ! That is why more and more people are tend to buy prescription eyeglasses online now.

Many online glasses stores are in good faith, genuine, low-cost features. For a 800 degrees of myopia, astigmatism within the 200-degree mid-range glasses, there are five kinds of commonly used high-quality lenses, frames are more than 1000 kinds of styles for you to choose if you buy online.

Do you know why online glasses stores can sell so cheap prescription glasses? Because they skip manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc., they send the glasses intermediate,and direct to you, thereby reducing the glasses price.