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No matter how hard we tried, we still have the difficulties in preventing our degree of nearsightedness in a low state. We always found ourselves in the position that we have to stay in front of the computer for rather a long time for it seems that we always have things to finish before some deadline day to day and as students, we do not have much time to enjoy ourselves, what we have to cope with is the endless homework and tasks and projects. These all contribute to our bad eyesight or at least enhance our possibility to be nearsighted.

So at this current situation, pairs of fine glasses seem to us very necessary. We kept changing our glasses day by day. And the quality of them means a lot to us either. Personally, I always found difficulties in purchasing a pair of glasses which meet my satisfaction perfectly. I have bought five pairs of glasses in total since my senior high when I began to wear them. My first pair was with a very heavy frame so seldom did I wear it. Then my mother bought the second pair of glasses in life, which do its services for such a long time till the final entrance examination came and my degree became higher. Then when I was in the boarding school mother bought me another pair because the last pair was too old and shabby and out of use.

My latest pair was bought by myself when I entered the university. I liked it very much partly because I thought it was a bargain. And for another reason was that I do look pretty well when I wear it. However not a thing without any deficiencies, the frame of this lovely pair is a little bit leaned and it is hard for me to make it right. That bothered me much especially when others point it out.

Things turned to the point or corner when yesterday I opened the website cheapglasses123.com. I haven’t thought about buying a pair of eyeglasses online but the beautiful and delicate frames they showed and the unimaginable cheap prices they charged really act as a drug kept my eyes and my hand. I couldn’t just click away and sacrifice such a bargain online. At last, as discussed with my friends, I decided to trust the website and order one pair from them. And now I am waiting with patient for my mails to come.