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Encounter with a pair of fashionable men’s glasses

You must have the experience of encountering someone on the road, but have you got the experience of encountering with a pair of fashionable mens glasses? I had such wonderful experience for once.

That day when I finished my classes in the morning, I went to a bench in front of the teaching building to have my lunch. However, just before I sat down on the bench, I caught a glimpse of a pair of very fashionable mens glasses on the bench. I assumed immediately that this pair of fashionable mens glasses might belong to some boy who had forgotten here. Then I decided to wait just beside the bench for his appearance. When I was waiting the owner of that pair of fashionable mens glasses, I took a careful observation of it. It was a pair of rimless mens glasses with square lens, which must have added a lot of air to its owner. When I was thinking, a handsome boy appeared in a hurry; apparently he was the owner of this pair of fashionable mens glasses. Seeing that I was quite interested in his glasses, he began to tell me how he got that pair of fashionable mens glasses. He said: “If you think that I bought it in a very grand street eyeglasses store or a hospital, then you are wrong. If you think this pair of fashionable mens glasses cost me a lot of money, then you are wrong again. I bought this pair of mens glasses from an online eyeglasses store at quite a low price, because their eyeglasses products were on sales recently.” Hearing his words, I was even more curious. Then I asked him: “You bought it in an online eyeglasses store? Shopping online means that you could not see the real things before hand, then how could you choose a suitable pair of fashionable mens glasses for yourself? I am sorry, but isn’t it very hard?” he answered with a smile: “Not at all, indeed. This online store is very considerate by setting a special zone with all the necessary knowledge of choosing online glasses. When you come to their store, you could refer to the knowledge they offered, then you could easily make your choice!”

That day, I talked a lot with the boy wearing fashionable mens glasses and he gave me this shop address glassespeople.com  to know more about online glasses. I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.