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How Often Do You Exchange Glasses Lens?

Almost every people who wears prescription glasses don’t want to look at this wonderful planet blurred without a pair of eyeglasses any more. And a large part of them never exchange their eyeglasses, still glasses have been broken or totally can’t be used. Recently, as statistic shows, 29% customers prefer to wear the same eyeglasses for more than 3 years, while 36.4% customers will buy a new one when eyeglasses are out of work. Actually, overused lenses are far more likely aggravate the strength of lenses.

Ordinary people should exchange glasses lenses every 2 years, because degrees of your eyes probably need to adjust, or your eyewear is unfashionable. Once the surface of lenses has been scratched, it will enormously influence its function of optical correction. Regular maintenance was important, furthermore, taking an examination periodically can keep eyeglasses continually on good condition.

For teenagers it would be better if they exchange eyeglasses once or twice a year, for they are the group who spend more time on reading that makes their eyes worse and worse. It’s extremely necessary for them to take an eyes examination every half a year. They can’t afford to be careless to receive optometry from a qualified optometrist. The refraction of lenses should in accordance with the refraction of results of optometry, or it will have great impact.

Reading glasses for hyperopia also need to exchange regularly. Hyperopia is the result of the aging of natural lenses, and may increase with age. The strength has to be strengthened for adjusting the needs of their daily life. But ,unlike the teens, there is no consensus requirement for them to exchange reading glasses. If they feel tired after reading newspapers, lenses should be exchanged promptly.

At present, plenty of materials are loaded into frames. Resin lenses are lighter, thinner, and more scratch-resistant than glass lenses which easily are broken. And hi-index lenses, anti-scratch lenses and whatnot, there must be one kind of lenses you’d like to have.