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My friend’s eagerness to buy a new pair of rimless glasses

Last Sunday, my friend asked me to keep her company to go for shopping. Actually, she did not want to buy anything but she was in a bad mood because she broke up with her boyfriend due to some complicated reasons. She felt sad and wanted to talk with me. When we strolled on the street aimlessly, she suddenly said that she wanted to change a new pair of rimless glasses because the current one was bought by her boyfriend. I could understand her. She did not want to live in the past memory and was eager to begin a new life on her own. I supported her and we decided to find an optical store in the downtown area. Immediately we entered the store, the shop assistant greeted us with a big smile on her face. She tried to find out our requirements so eagerly that she kept asking us. My friend did not say anything and she just looked at the glasses displayed there. I kept smiling and said nothing. “It was too expensive” my friend pointed to one pair of glasses and complaint to me.

We left that store without buying anything. But from my friend’s expression on the face, I could tell she was fond of that pair of glasses so much. “I really want to buy a new one and I like that style.” My friend said to me on our way home. I knew why she hesitated and advised her to search the Internet to see whether there was a similar one sold online. If so, she could enjoy a much lower price. The reason why online shopping could become so popular was simple that it could make customers save a large amount of money though they had to wait for about two weeks after they placed the order. We sometimes did not need a product so urgently and we were willing to wait.

I knew there was an online glasses store on the site of glassespeople.com  a professional store dealing with the sales of all kinds of glasses including her favorite styles of rimless glasses. The design, quality and price could all satisfy her needs. So to her, it was a better choice. She accepted my proposal and decided to have a look at the site first and then made a choice.